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With experience in providing security services to more than 300 banks and branch offices, Protecting Lê Gia has established security service pack depth for the banking system, for banks in need search for security guards to ensure reliable security for the banks at the highest level. We offers protection team, a professional bodyguard, track and troubleshoot customer issues with 24/24 to ensure maximum safety.

♦ Ask for one guard base:

- Protection must be kept secret not to disclose the secrets of the bank, such as key codes, maps of alarms, theft prevention newly imported amount, the rules work of bank employees .

- Security guard must be polite to customers of the bank, but absolutely not too intimate, leading to indecent act.


- Security guard at the bank to follow the motto hear without hearing, seeing without looking, that is to focus the senses of people to work, everyone watching, listening to secrecy , polite.

- Security guards have broad knowledge of the nooks and crannies and the critical areas of the bank.

- Security guard must define the day, peak hours in the bank to have the service plans suit different situations ..

♦ With a team of security personnel selected according to strict standards of proficiency, fitness,

health to be able to best meet the customer's requirements.


• In addition, a formal security guards must also pass a graduation exam certificate at the company and the knowledge examination and annual sports practice falls 3 months / time of the company.

With service to protect Lê Gia, you complete peace of mind to spend more time and effort in training centered on his work with satisfaction and absolute trust.

All information should support consultation and inquiries, customers please contact us for the best service.