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Le Gia is eligible about human resource, supporting tools and experiences for deploying any events in the whole Vietnamese territory.

a. Serving objects: Conferences, openings, meetings, live shows, exhibitions, outdoor parties, festivals….

b. Requirements:

- Specialization: all individuals joining in the security team that is in charge of events, festivals must meet all specialization requirements as follow:

- Passed the primary martial arts course

- Passed event-protection course of LE GIA.

- Passed hazard-handling course in the events.

- Be able to use specialized supporting tools as: crowbars, electric rods and dispatched light canes.

- The age of 25 to 45, and meet appearance features of Le Gia.

- Costume: Le Gia Security Company has suitably costumed for the type of event security service, under each events and customers’ request, Le Gia Security Company will give the body-guards suitable costumes. Applied costumes such as:

- Normal clothes for normal events, outdoors not having complicated features….

- Black pants, white shirts, ties and black vest for luxurious events in the halls….

- Stab-resistant vest, riot-fighting helmet for the events having complicated features, outdoor.

- Le Gia’s body-guards protected an event in White Palace, Ho Chi Minh City

- Supporting tools: equipping specialized supporting tools for the event security as: crowbars, electric rods, stab-resistant vest, riot-fighting helmet, walkie-talkies, dispatched light canes….

c. General job description

- From the beginning to the end of each event, don’t let any criminal activities, and detonating combustion occur. The security company controls and far dispatches to the crowds that can cause any confusion.

- Prevent and associate with the armed forces to catch any people that have cruel actions and disturb public order.

- Manage people coming in the area, gate in.

- Not allow strange people, people without permission documents or tickets,… come in the guarded area.

- Arrange forces, facilities in several positions and several layers to create a close uninterrupted field.

- Solve far the problems, not let them be close the area and cause any problems inside.

- Flexible and affable attitude but must be determined and strict to the people who come out/in the area under the provisions of the organizing board.

- Arrange specialized technical facilities at essential positions, check people and means out/in under assigned tasks.

- Control goods, wealth out/in the event location.

- All guards must equip walkie-talkies and use them to announce the situations and request to support if necessary.

- The leader of security team in the event always follow the event process as well as monitor all guards’ work in order to give working way being suitable for the next one.

- The leader of security team must notice any emergency to the event director and organizing board for leading ideas.

d. Working time

- Working time of guards must depend on customers and events’ request.

- Duration for supplying service: 2-3 days.

e. Other information

- Always investigate and build the private plans for each event.

- Free of duty on insurance items for the guards, vocational-risk insurance, team leaders, mobile team, quality-testing team….

- To favour and take care of the customers’ benefits, Le Gia Security Company has bought Public vocation and liability insurance valued in VND 5,000,000,000 of Petro Vietnam Insurance Joint Stock Corporation. Therefore, whenever any wealth damages belonging to the guards’fault occurred is also attended by the third party (Insurance). Customers perfectly feel assured in wealth-damaged compensation.

- Basic cost for thi service is VND 150,000/01 person/01 hour, and can be increased or decreased under each event features, location and customers’ request.

- Revenue of this service accounts for 5% of total annual revenue of Le Gia Company.